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We offer a variety of digitally focused educational programs for business organizations,  as well as private consulting, training and project development services for individual businesses.

Workplace Education

Did you know workplace education is a great way to enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of your team? Niche Workplace Education delivers training in digital marketing, ecommerce, content creation and other important digital subject matters through government funded programs, and directly to individual businesses, customized to meet their needs. 

Consulting & Training

Does your company have a  Brand Strategy, including a current and active Digital Marketing Plan to compete effectively in today’s busy online world? Is it based on solid market research? Let’s explore how those essential core features will enhance your business.  If you just need help in one or more areas, Boot Camp options, fully customized to boost your business, may be the best fit for you.

Project Development

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the effects of the on-going pandemic? You are not alone.  Many businesses are struggling to start or complete important digital projects that can propel their  businesses forward. We can help you achieve your goals. Did you know you may also be eligible for government programs that can reduce your financial burden and relieve stress?

Need a jumpstart in one specific area?

Ramp up your training where you need it most.

completely customized to your company’s needs.

Digital Bootcamps

Website Performance

Is your website giving you optimal performance in terms of generating leads and converting browsers to buyers? How does it stack up against your competition?

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This fully customized course will help you increase website traffic, convert browsers to buyers and make a greater impact with your brand.
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Email Marketing

Do you have a strategic email marketing plan? Do you struggle with content ideas, when to send, and how effectively manage your list? This could be the camp for you!

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This fully customized course will help you create the right strategy, deliver the most effective content, manage key performance indicators, and build customer loyalty.
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Digital Advertising

Are you worried about spending money on digital advertising and not getting the desired results? Are you clear about your return on investment should be?

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This fully customized course will help you prioritize your objectives, reach your target audiences, utilize the power of social media, and deliver impactful messages to win new clients or customers.
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The on-going pandemic has driven buying online to new heights and selling via ecommerce is getting ever more competitive. Learn what you need to know to help your ecommerce business thrive.

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This fully customized course will help you create an effective platform, drive traffic, convert browsers into buyers, and build customer loyalty.
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Content Marketing

Do you find it a challenge developing content for your digital platforms? Are you taking advantage of rich media, such as video and interactive tools to enrich visitor experience?

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This fully customized course will help you build creative content for your media library, whether written text, photos, audio or video, and market it through the most effective through digital channels, especially social media.
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Do you have a consistent system for understanding your customer's needs and interests? Are you using analytics and research to fully finetune and customize you product or service delivery to create happy customers?

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This program will show you how to effectively gather and utilize key information to best serve your customers needs. Learn how to develop programs that will keep you customers coming back, again and again.
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